A new beginning

It’s good to be home.

New beginnings are filled with hope, optimism and energy, and I am deeply honored to serve our university alongside all of you.

Some things have changed since I last had an office on campus, but the Pirate spirit endures. I have been impressed and inspired as I’ve met with Dr. Ron Mitchelson and other members of the campus community in preparation for today. The university has weathered much in the past year due to the global pandemic and the sustained period of economic and social distress. But the ECU community has persevered and handled the stressful events of the last year with grace and resolve.

In this video message, I’ve tried to capture a bit of my excitement for today and my priorities for the future of this great university. As I begin a listening and learning tour, I look forward to meeting many of you and hearing about how we can mobilize our community around our mission – student success, public service, and regional transformation. As long as we keep our eyes on the mission and are united in our work, in the words of Chancellor Leo Jenkins, “there’s only one place for East Carolina to go … and that’s up!”

I look forward to working with you all.

Dr. Philip Rogers