Pirate Perspectives

Pirate Perspectives is a series of conversations between Chancellor Rogers and a broad set of constituents who all have a stake in ECU’s future. These conversations are an opportunity for the chancellor to learn more about ECU’s accomplishments, challenges and mission-focused initiatives from many different perspectives. From these conversations, Chancellor Rogers expects themes will emerge that will shape our work going forward. The Pirate Perspectives Series is expected to last through the fall 2021 semester.

A survey complementing the Pirate Perspectives conversations will be available for those who want to provide feedback but who cannot participate in one of sessions. The questions will be generally the same; obviously, the conversations will naturally evolve based on the makeup of the constituents in the in-person or virtual sessions. Continue to check back often, as additional sessions are frequently being added.

Pirate Perspectives Prompts / Survey Questions

  • Where does ECU have key advantages and momentum?
  • What are the biggest challenges ECU is currently facing or will face in the future and why?
  • Looking ahead, what do you see as ECU’s greatest opportunities or most promising opportunities for growth?
  • As a follow-up from the question above, what would need to happen for ECU to capitalize on those potential opportunities?
  • If you were me, what would you focus attention on?
  • Suppose a headline is written about ECU in five years. What do you want that headline to say?
  • What is one thing we could do to make ECU “better”?

Past Sessions

April 15, Black Staff Organization
April 15, Black Faculty Organization
April 25, Residential Scholars
April 26, University Advancement Staff
April 28, Greenville Town & Gown meeting
April 30, East Carolina Alumni Association Board
May 4, East Carolina Alumni
June 16, Uptown Greenville Board of Directors
June 28, University News & Communications
June 29, Administration & Finance: Environmental Health and Safety, ECU Police Department
July 13, Administration & Finance: Campus Operations
July 13, Black Alumni Chapter
July 26, Libraries: Joyner & Laupus
July 27, College of Engineering & Technology
July 29, American Indian Faculty & Staff group
July 29, LGBTQ Faculty & Staff group
August 10, Academic Affairs: Deans and Library Directors
August 10, Administration & Finance: ITCS, Materials Management, Parking & Auxiliary Services
August 10, Administration & Finance: Financial Services, Human Resources, Health Sciences A&F Staff
August 13, Board of Visitors
August 31, REDE session for Research I
August 31, REDE session for Research II
September 8, REDE leadership
September 21, Health & Human Performance
September 29, Student Affairs
October 1, College of Allied Health Sciences
October 6, Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences I
October 7, College of Education
October 7, Thomas Harriot College of Arts & Sciences II
October 7, College of Nursing
October 15, Coastal Studies Institute
October 20, Student Affairs: SGA Assembly, Health Sciences Leadership Council, General Student Population
October 26, College of Fine Arts & Communication
October 29, ECU Foundation
November 3, School of Dental Medicine
December 8, Chinese Faculty & Staff Association
December 8, Academic Affairs Staff
December 8, College of Business